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Plan ahead for New Years Cleaning!!

Today the Las Vegas Maid Services are out and about cleaning for party throwers!! Unfortunately, we could not accommodate all the request we received last minute for a cleaning. When we plan our schedule, it books up a week to a month in advance. With holidays and party gathering, many of our clients want pre-cleaning and after cleaning. We also recieve many inquiries off the web site whom we try to accommodate. However, with staff requesting vacation time, we book up quickly and cannot always fit in new customers last minute. Just like planning your holiday party, it is always best to book your Holiday cleaning ahead of time.   We look forward to helping to make all our clients parties and celebrations that much better.

The tenants said they cleaned my condo. Should I still hire a professional cleaning service?

As a Las Vegas Realtor and owner of a Las Vegas Maid Services company, this is a routine question I am asked. Many times a tenant will notify the owner that they have “cleaned the property”, before leaving. This is especially common with short term rentals.
As the owner, you have to decide, is their clean really CLEAN?
A recent example is one of my clients who came to visit their condo after the last renters moved out, and left it CLEAN? He arrived to unmade beds with the linen piled atop, were the linens washed? The condo otherwise looked clean, no dishes/visible trash ect. Upon further review, however, there were long dark hairs on the bedding and in the baths. The toilets/bath/sinks and fridge were all not cleaned, as well as the microwave and stove. The big surprise came when he opened the coat closet, all the shopping boxes were piled up with recyclables. Where the tenants were from they keep the recyclables separately. Unfortunately, this is not a good idea to leave the empty cans, soda ect., in a closet of an unused condo.
My client has decided that in the future, he will charge a cleaning fee, and tell the tenants not to clean. You would not want a new tenant finding these conditions when they move in.

December Golf Deal!!Las Vegas National

Yesterday I had the pleasure of playing Las Vegas National Golf with one of my clients, at the great price of $42 for both of us at prime time. As a Las Vegas Realtor and owner of a Las Vegas Maid Services company, I get to go golf with many of my clients. Looking for the special deal is always a part of entertaining, even for business. The deal that Las Vegas National has for Clark County Residents is great. Only $42 gets you the green and cart fees, we teed up at 10:00 a.m. and were off by 2:15 pm. Good conditions and a challenging course made for a good time. They also featured Bush or Bush lite for $2.00. Unfortunately, I had another appointment so I could not take advantage. I do plan on taking advantage of this special that runs through January 7th, 2011.  For this and other golf specials, one way to find out  about them, is to sign up for the email notification with the course.

Our cellular phone service adventure!!!

As a Las Vegas Maid Service and a Las Vegas Realtor, we use cell phones a lot. We have been with Verizon for the last four years and had added a Metro PCS line for Property Management.
After a few months with Metro, i found that there service did not meet my needs. The pop up ads on the screen and poor sound quality I experienced was not working. We decided to upgrade our Verizon phones to Droid and move on without the other service.
Setting up service with Metro was easy, cancelling not so! It took me four calls and over one hour to get the correct department on the phone, whom then kept trying to keep me. They could not believe that I did not like my service? Of course as a Las Vegas Realtor my phone was ringing this whole time. Eventually I was able to cancel, thank you for that experience.
The switch to Droid was even more fun….My phone came, it got connected… and proceeded to fail, the screen had a defect. Now the fun began, the Verizon store refused to assist, and so did the first phone contact. Since I bought it over the internet, through Verizon, I had to send it back and then re-order. Finally I got hold of a supervisor, superior/rude attitude, and am now awaiting a replacement.
Moral of my story, check out the return policy before you buy. As a Las Vegas Maid Services company, we need to be in contact with our customers daily, so this phone issue has been big for us. Good luck out there with the phone companies, each and every one!!!

Local Holiday Deals are out in Vegas!!!

As a Las Vegas Realtor, I am often asked about local deals and discounts. During the month of December, the Station Casinos is having a discount deal on their buffets. With your players card, free to obtain, they have slashed the prices from $4.99 to $11.99 for a meal. I went to the Red Rock Casino on Friday night to check out the buffet, and was pleasantly surprised. The food was fresh and the selections were plenty, with a short wait time for seating and a friendly server. This is a marked improvement from my last visit.
They had everything from Prime Rib to Sushi, and cooking stations for the visual experience. At $11.99, I would consider this a bargain.
My only complaint was the cleaning person on the casino floor who was upset when we tried to pass by him. As an owner of a Las Vegas Maid Service, I know the value of being polite and the “customer is always right”. Otherwise the Red Rock was spot on.

Can my home get dirty, even if I am not there and traveling?

Our Las Vegas Maid Services started out servicing the condo-tel, corporate and vacation rental business. We have a lot of experience with homes and condos that are used part time.
Today our Las Vegas Maid Services serviced a golf course front home, where the owners travel often.
When you enter the home, it looks perfectly clean and ready to go. After an hour of mopping and brooming, you find that dust has accumulated everywhere. The dust bunnies under the furniture is amazing!!!  When a home is vacant, you also want to run the water for all sinks, and tubs, and flush the toilets.   In the desert, we have dust as an ongoing issue, that is a constant source of work.  This is why many home inspectors and Las Vegas Handyman, recommend changing your filters monthly instead of quarterly.

And the home looked clean to begin with, all in all it took four maids over two hours for an unused home. No wonder there are so many allergies in Las Vegas.

Roof cleaning? Is it necessary?

Most people do not think about cleaning the roof of their home, when they think about using a Las Vegas Maid Service to do a cleaning job.
As we can see from the Metro-dome collapse in Minneapolis, keeping your roof clean can be a bigggggg deal.

In Las Vegas, pigeons, are a big problem with many housing developments. The waste that the birds leave behind is very acidic, and can lead to leaks in your roofing, causing all types of problems later on. As a Las Vegas Realtor, I have personally seen the damage that can be caused by not keeping your roof clean of this mess.  Many times all that will be needed will be to hose down the roof on a regular basis. 

The best way to deal with the pest problem is by using  a pest control company or Las Vegas Handyman Service to put up pigeon spikes/deterrents.  This will prevent the problem from returning.

Home Inspections-Worth the cost?

As a Las Vegas Realtor, I always recommend having a home inspection on any property that you are in contract to purchase.  The reason being, is that the home inspector is trained to inspect, review, and note all problems and operations of the systems in the property. The home inspector often catches items, that an untrained eye will not see.
I recently had a beautiful home that was in visibly perfect condition. The home had sat vacant for a while, and during that time, pigeons had moved in. They created a nest on the roof and when it rained, the waste caused a leak in the roof. This ran down an inside wall and caused a mold like problem.
Without the home inspection, this would not have come to light. In this case, the buyers decided to cancel and move on to another home, sparing them the trouble of repairs and further monitoring of the issue.
I look at a home inspection as an inurance policy. The cost is usually around $200-$300 per inspection, but it can save you a lot of money in the end. You may find that all you need is a good cleaning from a Las Vegas Maid Service, or a Handyman. But it is the large problems that really pay off from the inspection.

With Highs in the upper 60s, it is a good time to winer clean the patio

Here in Las Vegas, we are blessed with warm weather year round, with the highs being in the upper 60s this weekend.
This is a good time to clean the patio, balcony, that we have been ignoring for the last few weeks, since the cold (50s) weather came in.
Our Las Vegas Maid Services likes to start with the BBQ, as we use this all year round. One year it snowed and I had to wait for the snow to mealt before cooking the steaks. We spray an oven cleaner on the grill to make it easier to clean if really dirty, make sure you use gloves and glasses for protection. If we are just doing a regular cleaning on it, our Las Vegas Maid Services likes to use a natural product such as Melaluca. Spray on and scrub with warm water and rinse off. Start the grill and burn off any remaining residual using your steel brush and you have a clean grill, ready for the evening meal.
My least favorite job is cleaning the floors, we sweep, and wash using a light dish detergent and a corn broom to scrub.
We wash any pet bedding in the washing machine and also any removable covers from patio furniture.
Finish up by cleaning those splashed on windows on the slider and kitchen area windows.
Now you have a clean outdoor area for our cold (60s???) temps.

FREE Golf Tournaments at OB Sports Faciliites!!

As a Las Vegas Realtor and owner of a Las Vegas Maid Service I get to interact and work with a lot of golfers. OB Sports runs several golf courses in town; Alliante(north part of town), Angel Park(Summerlin Area), and Legacy(Henderson/Green Valley). They offer a great deal for both local and out of town frequent visitors for lower price golf, through their annual players card. Unlike some card, this one gives more than lower price tee times. The card also offers a free punch card that has; two free tee times for the cloud 9 course, several putting course sessions, several driving range passes, and four free tournaments per year. The card has cost $99.00 per year, if you buy it early, and now included a free round on your birthday and a free hat, a pretty darn good deal. As a Las Vegas Realtor, I sell golf retreats to clients from all over the world. The OB card also works for them, although it is more expensive for non residents. But what a way to save some money.

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