I confess that I am slightly addicted to golf. I try to get out as many times as possible, and being a realtor helps, as many of my clients also are golfers from all over the world.
As the owner of Las Vegas Maid Services Services, I have found some great ways to keep your clubs clean and ready for play.
We all tend to wipe down the club heads, use brushes to keep the groves clean, and tip the staff when cleaning our clubs at the end of a round.
My favorite Deep Clean, is to use our Shark steam machine to clean the grooves, head, and shaft. The steam works wonders on getting out stuck in dirt, mud and grass. The club head looks like new when done. And this is without using any stiff brushes or chemicals.
On the grips, yes you should clean your grips, I use a very light mix of warm water and laundry soap, then rinse again.

And if you have a housekeeper, ask them if they will clean as part of your service, our Las Vegas Maid Services offer this and much more as optional service.