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Pool Pumps and Covers

People often underestimate the positive affects that pool pumps and pool covers can have on their lives. Our Las Vegas Pool Service comes across many pools that have problems that could have been easily solved by ensuring their pool pumps are in good condition, and using a cover whenever possible.

Pumps:  The backbone of a healthy pool, the pump circulates the water according to public health guidelines and ensure the water and it’s chemicals are well filtered.

  • Check your pump has adequate horsepower for the volume of your particular pool
  • Check all plumbing to and from the pump for leaks or cracks
  • Clean the pump’s debris filter and the skimmer’s filter regularly to avoid strain on the pump
  • Listen to your pump, a pump in need of attention will sound different than a pump working properly

Covers can be your best friend here in the Vegas valley.

  • Covers trap heat, your pool won’t turn into a spa by any means, but a cover in the spring will allow you to enjoy your pool earlier in the season
  • Covers help eliminate strain on your pump, by keeping everyday debris out of the system, requiring less maintenance, which also cuts down on power consumption, as pumps need to run less often

There are rebates available from the Southern Nevada Water Authority for pool covers and also from NV Energy for high efficiency pumps. Follow the links to save

  • http://www.snwa.com/html/cons_coupons_pool.html
  • http://www.nvenergy.com/saveenergy/home/rebates/poolpumps.cfm

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Las Vegas Pool Cleaning

Las Vegas Pool Cleaning Service

Summer Pool Service Time

With summer heat and sun around the corner our Las Vegas Pool Service recommends the following;
1. Keep a watchful eye on the chemical levels. With the increased temperatures, the water will change more rapidly than in the winter. Both Chlorine and Acid (pH) levels have to be monitored, as well as Total Dissolved Solids from debris and increased human use. 
2. Check and clean the filters. You will be amazed at the amount of dirt and particles they trap. If it’s been a while since you last cleaned them, filters may need to be replaced.
3. Check the hoses to your sweeper, even a small break can cause an air leak and reduce the operating efficiency.
4. Now is the time to give the pool a good scrubbing down and check the calcium/scaling build up.

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