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Why you should read your Homeowners Association Documents before you buy!!!!

As a Las Vegas Realtor, I always recommend reading you homeowners association documentation provided to you before you purchase a property.
In Las Vegas, you can cancel your purchase based on your review of the Homeowners documentation, there are date parameters to follow. Many buyers do not read through the documents and find surprises after the close escrow.
One of the first things I look for is the rental restrictions. This is very important if you are buying an investment property and also if you want to know what type of rentals will be in your neighborhood.
Another item to look at is the reserve study, for maintenance ongoing and replacement, and how it is currently funded.
Today, I had a buyer cancel a transaction based on the homeowners association minutes. The association is having a hard time with pest control. They are overrun with Pigeons and other pests.
We discussed this problem and the buyer decided not to go with this property.
OurLas Vegas Maid Services cleans many properties that have pigeon droppings on the balcony, but this complex has gone past just needing a cleaning.
This is one example of a good reason to read those documents….

The consumer electronics show is over!!!

The consumer electronics show was in town last week, from Wednesday through Sunday. This year attendance was up. This is great news for the Las Vegas economy, as the conventions bring in a large amount of business to the town. For our Las Vegas Maid Services and as a Las Vegas Realtor, this also brings in a busy week following. A lot of short term rentals move out, meaning corporate and vacation cleaning, and I get a large number of inquires for sales and rentals for next year.
This year, the CES show was extremely organized. The bus service to the casinos was planned well and the halls were staged with traffic in mind. The only problem I had with the show, was that I did not understand what many of the high tech gadgets were….The 3 D television was great, especially the Sony display, and if you like music, the Dany Gokey concert was a good intermission. Hopefully, the producers of CES get it right again next year.

Our cellular phone service adventure!!!

As a Las Vegas Maid Service and a Las Vegas Realtor, we use cell phones a lot. We have been with Verizon for the last four years and had added a Metro PCS line for Property Management.
After a few months with Metro, i found that there service did not meet my needs. The pop up ads on the screen and poor sound quality I experienced was not working. We decided to upgrade our Verizon phones to Droid and move on without the other service.
Setting up service with Metro was easy, cancelling not so! It took me four calls and over one hour to get the correct department on the phone, whom then kept trying to keep me. They could not believe that I did not like my service? Of course as a Las Vegas Realtor my phone was ringing this whole time. Eventually I was able to cancel, thank you for that experience.
The switch to Droid was even more fun….My phone came, it got connected… and proceeded to fail, the screen had a defect. Now the fun began, the Verizon store refused to assist, and so did the first phone contact. Since I bought it over the internet, through Verizon, I had to send it back and then re-order. Finally I got hold of a supervisor, superior/rude attitude, and am now awaiting a replacement.
Moral of my story, check out the return policy before you buy. As a Las Vegas Maid Services company, we need to be in contact with our customers daily, so this phone issue has been big for us. Good luck out there with the phone companies, each and every one!!!

Roof cleaning? Is it necessary?

Most people do not think about cleaning the roof of their home, when they think about using a Las Vegas Maid Service to do a cleaning job.
As we can see from the Metro-dome collapse in Minneapolis, keeping your roof clean can be a bigggggg deal.

In Las Vegas, pigeons, are a big problem with many housing developments. The waste that the birds leave behind is very acidic, and can lead to leaks in your roofing, causing all types of problems later on. As a Las Vegas Realtor, I have personally seen the damage that can be caused by not keeping your roof clean of this mess.  Many times all that will be needed will be to hose down the roof on a regular basis. 

The best way to deal with the pest problem is by using  a pest control company or Las Vegas Handyman Service to put up pigeon spikes/deterrents.  This will prevent the problem from returning.

With Highs in the upper 60s, it is a good time to winer clean the patio

Here in Las Vegas, we are blessed with warm weather year round, with the highs being in the upper 60s this weekend.
This is a good time to clean the patio, balcony, that we have been ignoring for the last few weeks, since the cold (50s) weather came in.
Our Las Vegas Maid Services likes to start with the BBQ, as we use this all year round. One year it snowed and I had to wait for the snow to mealt before cooking the steaks. We spray an oven cleaner on the grill to make it easier to clean if really dirty, make sure you use gloves and glasses for protection. If we are just doing a regular cleaning on it, our Las Vegas Maid Services likes to use a natural product such as Melaluca. Spray on and scrub with warm water and rinse off. Start the grill and burn off any remaining residual using your steel brush and you have a clean grill, ready for the evening meal.
My least favorite job is cleaning the floors, we sweep, and wash using a light dish detergent and a corn broom to scrub.
We wash any pet bedding in the washing machine and also any removable covers from patio furniture.
Finish up by cleaning those splashed on windows on the slider and kitchen area windows.
Now you have a clean outdoor area for our cold (60s???) temps.

Lost receipts? Home Depot can help!!!

Recently our Las Vegas Handyman Service had their truck stolen, from in front of his home! Luckily the police found it later that day, but the thieves took the tools and did some damage. Included in the damage, was a clipboard with receipts from a re-hab job we were completing. Our Las Vegas Maid Services and Handyman Services, spend a good amount at Home Depot, so when the credit card statement came in I went to the store to find out if they could help. Each Home Depot store has a bookkeeperfrom 5 am to 1 pm, they can pull up copies of your receipts off of the credit card used. This is a life saver, in the case of our rehab project alone. Next, I am going to check with the other stores we frequent, good to learn something new everyday.  By the way, this is a good reminder to check your insurance policy, as you never know when a thief will strike.

Pre cleaning for the annual Thanksgiving Dinner Disaster

If yours is like my household, the annual meal with family always sounds like a better plan than it turns out to be. We try to prepare by having our Las Vegas Maid Services provide a little pre- cleaning.
One of my least favorite things is going through the cabinets in the kitchen getting rid of the items we have not used, and will not use. This includes the forty boxes of assorted teas, the canned foods from 1985 and other “food museum” pieces. By doing this now, you narrow down your shopping list-no more Yams needed, we still have five cans, and save on the shopping bill.
If you are truly prepared, now is the time to set up your cooking/serving/storage utensils so you have more time with the relatives and less time in the kitchen.  Try and start the day with no dirty dishes and clean, run a dishwasher load after the turkey goes in, while cooking.

If all else fails, call in your favorite Las Vegas Maid Service, the next day.  And enjoy!!!

What lurks behind your shower? Story of the shower pictures on the Handyman Page

If you look at our Las Vegas Handyman page, you will see some new pictures of a shower replacement we coordinated. This was at a home I just purchased for an investment property through my Las Vegas Real Estate broker Fortis Residential Realty. The tub was stained and rusted and the tiles showed discoloration. Upon further inspection, the wallboard had rotted out and had mildew. We started tearing out the wall, and found a leak in the plumbing, maybe for years. Brundy, our plumber contractor, replaced the tub, after demolition (see pics) and installed new plumbing, and a shower surround. Scott Apple finished the walls and our Las Vegas Maid Service spent the day cleaning up.
Many times water will get into the tiles and, watch out, it can be ugly!!!As a realtor I always recommend a home inspection, this is just what you are looking out for.  In this purchase we already knew the cost of the repairs, which figured into the purchase decision.  Check with a licensed inspector before your next purchase.

Hotel Stays and Should I Tip the Maid?

We recently returned from a hotel stay at a resort property in Laughlin, the hotel will remain anonymous. My wife and I were there for the Manny Pacquiao fight broadcast on Saturday night, and had stayed at this property multiple times. Over the past years I have noticed a correlation between the number of towels provided and leaving a tip for the maid, so we make a habit of tipping, especially the first day. I know that, from professional experience, the maids in a hotel have an extremely difficult job. They have a heavy room assignment and have to deal with a variety of unusual guest requests and conditions, ex: too much Tequila morning after. In general, tipping is not the rule for Las Vegas Maid Services for home and office, I personally believe in it while at a hotel/motel.  Make sure to use the envelopes that most properties provide, this prevents a mix up of the maids taking any monies off of a table.

Vegas Landscaping and your pool

We are all aware of the diversity of landscaping we have here in Vegas, but do you know how it affects your pool? Most people that have recurring problems with water quality in their pool don’t realize that it may be the landscaping surrounding them.

Desert landscaping is the most popular choice here in Las Vegas, which is low maintenance, but could be creating excessive dust and dirt that eventually makes it’s way into your pool. While decorative rock is virtually no maintenance and would seem like the most appropriate landscape choice for surrounding a pool, there are a few things you need to remember: 

 Make sure your drip irrigation is operating properly. Check for leaks, and fix them immediately. leaking irrigation can create water runoff, which will dirty your pool and throw off the balance of your water. Broken irrigation lines can also create sinkholes in the soil around your pool, which could damage plaster and plumbing over time. Also place drip irrigators as close to the plant as possible. Vegas water is so alkyline it will corrode most decorative rocks rather quickly, which creates more of that dust and dirt we talked talked about earlier.

The second most common type of landscaping surrounding our pools is mature, lush and vibrant landscaping. This too comes with it’s own set of problems for your pool.

Mature trees and shrubs tend to provide a lot of leaf drop that clogs your pools skimmers, vacuums, and plumbing. The species of tree or shrub can also wreak havoc on your pool more than others. For example italian cypress trees are beautiful evergreens that are used to create some privacy by surrounding a wall. The leaves of this tree however are notorious for sneaking through your skimmer filter basket and clogging up your cartridge filter, which in turn puts more stress on your pump. Before you know it trees like the italian cypress and african sumac, along with shrubs like cassia and texas ranger can have a snowball effect on the overall quality of your pool water and your entire system overall. I am not saying you must immediately remove any of these types of mature landscape, in fact with a little effort and knowledge you can enjoy all the elements of your backyard in perfect harmony by practicing different pruning techniques, watering schedules, installing a leaf trap cannister to your automatic vacuum, just to name a few.

In other words, arming yourself with knkowedge of your surroundings can mean the difference between having a pool you are constantly cleaning in a seemingly neverending uphill battle and having the perfect balance in your backyard oasis. Take a stroll through Star nursery and ask some questions, identify your neighbor’s mature landscape that makes it’s way into your yard, implement safeguards in your pool system to avoid costly repairs due to strain and stress from plant debris and most of all ENJOY YOUR POOL and call All Under One Roof Services with any questions about your Las Vegas Pool Services.

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