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The consumer electronics show is over!!!

The consumer electronics show was in town last week, from Wednesday through Sunday. This year attendance was up. This is great news for the Las Vegas economy, as the conventions bring in a large amount of business to the town. For our Las Vegas Maid Services and as a Las Vegas Realtor, this also brings in a busy week following. A lot of short term rentals move out, meaning corporate and vacation cleaning, and I get a large number of inquires for sales and rentals for next year.
This year, the CES show was extremely organized. The bus service to the casinos was planned well and the halls were staged with traffic in mind. The only problem I had with the show, was that I did not understand what many of the high tech gadgets were….The 3 D television was great, especially the Sony display, and if you like music, the Dany Gokey concert was a good intermission. Hopefully, the producers of CES get it right again next year.

With Highs in the upper 60s, it is a good time to winer clean the patio

Here in Las Vegas, we are blessed with warm weather year round, with the highs being in the upper 60s this weekend.
This is a good time to clean the patio, balcony, that we have been ignoring for the last few weeks, since the cold (50s) weather came in.
Our Las Vegas Maid Services likes to start with the BBQ, as we use this all year round. One year it snowed and I had to wait for the snow to mealt before cooking the steaks. We spray an oven cleaner on the grill to make it easier to clean if really dirty, make sure you use gloves and glasses for protection. If we are just doing a regular cleaning on it, our Las Vegas Maid Services likes to use a natural product such as Melaluca. Spray on and scrub with warm water and rinse off. Start the grill and burn off any remaining residual using your steel brush and you have a clean grill, ready for the evening meal.
My least favorite job is cleaning the floors, we sweep, and wash using a light dish detergent and a corn broom to scrub.
We wash any pet bedding in the washing machine and also any removable covers from patio furniture.
Finish up by cleaning those splashed on windows on the slider and kitchen area windows.
Now you have a clean outdoor area for our cold (60s???) temps.

How to keep your golf clubs clean!!!

I confess that I am slightly addicted to golf. I try to get out as many times as possible, and being a realtor helps, as many of my clients also are golfers from all over the world.
As the owner of Las Vegas Maid Services Services, I have found some great ways to keep your clubs clean and ready for play.
We all tend to wipe down the club heads, use brushes to keep the groves clean, and tip the staff when cleaning our clubs at the end of a round.
My favorite Deep Clean, is to use our Shark steam machine to clean the grooves, head, and shaft. The steam works wonders on getting out stuck in dirt, mud and grass. The club head looks like new when done. And this is without using any stiff brushes or chemicals.
On the grips, yes you should clean your grips, I use a very light mix of warm water and laundry soap, then rinse again.

And if you have a housekeeper, ask them if they will clean as part of your service, our Las Vegas Maid Services offer this and much more as optional service.

Hotel Stays and Should I Tip the Maid?

We recently returned from a hotel stay at a resort property in Laughlin, the hotel will remain anonymous. My wife and I were there for the Manny Pacquiao fight broadcast on Saturday night, and had stayed at this property multiple times. Over the past years I have noticed a correlation between the number of towels provided and leaving a tip for the maid, so we make a habit of tipping, especially the first day. I know that, from professional experience, the maids in a hotel have an extremely difficult job. They have a heavy room assignment and have to deal with a variety of unusual guest requests and conditions, ex: too much Tequila morning after. In general, tipping is not the rule for Las Vegas Maid Services for home and office, I personally believe in it while at a hotel/motel.  Make sure to use the envelopes that most properties provide, this prevents a mix up of the maids taking any monies off of a table.

Clogged Vaccum?

One of the most overlooked items in cleaning is the maintenance of your vacuum. With there being so many inexpensive vacuums on the market today, many of us forget to check the little things and keep our vacuum running well and picking up all of the dust. Our Las Vegas Maid Service recommends servicing your vacuum regularly.
1. Empty the canister or check the bag every time you use your vaccum. This makes sure that the suction is strong.
2. Check the belts, this is the pick up action on your carpet.
3. Check and wash/replace the filters, you want to pick up all the dust.
I just finished unclogging a vacuum, and I know it is not a fun job. The regular maintenance will help and save money in the long run.

When the wind blows, check your pool skimmer!!

Even with weekly pool service, our Las Vegas Pool Maintenance team suggests:
1. Check your skimmer to make sure it is not clogged with leaves and debris.
2. Take a look at your vacuum to check that debris has not clogged it.
3. Visually inspect the basket by the filter unit to make sure it is not clogged.
4. Take out the pool furniture that has blown in the pool!!!It happens to me at least.
When in doubt, call your pool professional.

Freezer/Refrigerator Cleaning-Check the dates on your Food!!!

When cleaning a refrigerator/freezer, it takes more than a wipe down with a wet towel. Make sure you check the expiration dates on your frozen foods and especially your condiments. There is nothing worse than expired dressing and the day after you eat it. Our Las Vegas Maid Service only will go through your pantry/refrigerator upon request, but will recommend throwing out the expired items.

Oil Stains on your Garage Floor?

If you are like most of us, our cars have leaked oil on the garage floor at one time or another. Our Las Vegas Janitorial Service recommends the following;
1. Elbow Grease can take off most stains.
2. Use hot water and laundry or dish detergent to cut the grease.
3. For stubborn stains, try oven cleaner or Spray and Wash.
As always, be careful with chemicals and use gloves and goggles.

Buying a shop vac

This weekend our Las Vegas Housekeeping team needed to buy a new wet/dry vacuum. After staring at the selection and visiting a few stores, we opted for a name brand ten gallon unit with a 5.0 hp motor. Here are a few tips on choosing a model;
1. Most work as vaccums and blowers, what uses do you need it for?
2. The size of the container lets you know how often you will need to empty, remember the larger the container, the heavier it will be wet.
3. Some have wheels, some don’t, we opted for a unit with wheels to make it easier to empty.
4. Look at the attachments that come with it, otherwise you may be purchasing a lot more later.
5. Check for special buys/sales, you may get a lot more for your money that way.

Marble/Travertine Bathroom Cleaning

Our Las Vegas Maid Service always finds that cleaning the Marble or Travertine Tile in the shower/bath area can be the most challenging chore of the day.
1. Never, Never use caustic chemicals such as Bleach or Vinegar on the tile. This can cause blemishes and take off the finish.
2. Hard water stains are hard to get off.
3. Use only chemicals that are meant for these soft, porous stones.
4. We use a stone cleaner and a polisher meant for Marble for these hard to clean areas.
5. It takes some elbow grease, but do not use hard scrubbers such as steel wool or scouring pads as these will score the soft stone finish.

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