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Can my home get dirty, even if I am not there and traveling?

Our Las Vegas Maid Services started out servicing the condo-tel, corporate and vacation rental business. We have a lot of experience with homes and condos that are used part time.
Today our Las Vegas Maid Services serviced a golf course front home, where the owners travel often.
When you enter the home, it looks perfectly clean and ready to go. After an hour of mopping and brooming, you find that dust has accumulated everywhere. The dust bunnies under the furniture is amazing!!!  When a home is vacant, you also want to run the water for all sinks, and tubs, and flush the toilets.   In the desert, we have dust as an ongoing issue, that is a constant source of work.  This is why many home inspectors and Las Vegas Handyman, recommend changing your filters monthly instead of quarterly.

And the home looked clean to begin with, all in all it took four maids over two hours for an unused home. No wonder there are so many allergies in Las Vegas.

With Highs in the upper 60s, it is a good time to winer clean the patio

Here in Las Vegas, we are blessed with warm weather year round, with the highs being in the upper 60s this weekend.
This is a good time to clean the patio, balcony, that we have been ignoring for the last few weeks, since the cold (50s) weather came in.
Our Las Vegas Maid Services likes to start with the BBQ, as we use this all year round. One year it snowed and I had to wait for the snow to mealt before cooking the steaks. We spray an oven cleaner on the grill to make it easier to clean if really dirty, make sure you use gloves and glasses for protection. If we are just doing a regular cleaning on it, our Las Vegas Maid Services likes to use a natural product such as Melaluca. Spray on and scrub with warm water and rinse off. Start the grill and burn off any remaining residual using your steel brush and you have a clean grill, ready for the evening meal.
My least favorite job is cleaning the floors, we sweep, and wash using a light dish detergent and a corn broom to scrub.
We wash any pet bedding in the washing machine and also any removable covers from patio furniture.
Finish up by cleaning those splashed on windows on the slider and kitchen area windows.
Now you have a clean outdoor area for our cold (60s???) temps.

Pre cleaning for the annual Thanksgiving Dinner Disaster

If yours is like my household, the annual meal with family always sounds like a better plan than it turns out to be. We try to prepare by having our Las Vegas Maid Services provide a little pre- cleaning.
One of my least favorite things is going through the cabinets in the kitchen getting rid of the items we have not used, and will not use. This includes the forty boxes of assorted teas, the canned foods from 1985 and other “food museum” pieces. By doing this now, you narrow down your shopping list-no more Yams needed, we still have five cans, and save on the shopping bill.
If you are truly prepared, now is the time to set up your cooking/serving/storage utensils so you have more time with the relatives and less time in the kitchen.  Try and start the day with no dirty dishes and clean, run a dishwasher load after the turkey goes in, while cooking.

If all else fails, call in your favorite Las Vegas Maid Service, the next day.  And enjoy!!!

The difference between a local Housekeeping Company and our Las Vegas Maid Services

One of the questions I am asked is “What is the difference between your Las Vegas Maid Services and a chain Housekeeping company. The cleaning part is very much the same in theory. Our maids are individually supervised to make sure that the detail work is done ex: behind the blinds, moving items to dust. Coming from a Health Care background Norma (Housekeeping Supervisor and Owner) treats the little things as routine.
Being a Las Vegas Maid Service, we offer other services as routine. These inclued; dropping off and picking up dry cleaning, laundry service, personal shopping/delivery and set up, receipt and installation of personal belongings. After working with one of the largest property management companies involved in corporate rentals, these services are routine for us.  Before they closed, due to the economy changing, our Las Vegas Maid Services were in charge of all the properties and averaged over 100 at any given time, so the extras that others cannot offer are a part of many of our contracts.

What lurks behind your shower? Story of the shower pictures on the Handyman Page

If you look at our Las Vegas Handyman page, you will see some new pictures of a shower replacement we coordinated. This was at a home I just purchased for an investment property through my Las Vegas Real Estate broker Fortis Residential Realty. The tub was stained and rusted and the tiles showed discoloration. Upon further inspection, the wallboard had rotted out and had mildew. We started tearing out the wall, and found a leak in the plumbing, maybe for years. Brundy, our plumber contractor, replaced the tub, after demolition (see pics) and installed new plumbing, and a shower surround. Scott Apple finished the walls and our Las Vegas Maid Service spent the day cleaning up.
Many times water will get into the tiles and, watch out, it can be ugly!!!As a realtor I always recommend a home inspection, this is just what you are looking out for.  In this purchase we already knew the cost of the repairs, which figured into the purchase decision.  Check with a licensed inspector before your next purchase.

Hotel Stays and Should I Tip the Maid?

We recently returned from a hotel stay at a resort property in Laughlin, the hotel will remain anonymous. My wife and I were there for the Manny Pacquiao fight broadcast on Saturday night, and had stayed at this property multiple times. Over the past years I have noticed a correlation between the number of towels provided and leaving a tip for the maid, so we make a habit of tipping, especially the first day. I know that, from professional experience, the maids in a hotel have an extremely difficult job. They have a heavy room assignment and have to deal with a variety of unusual guest requests and conditions, ex: too much Tequila morning after. In general, tipping is not the rule for Las Vegas Maid Services for home and office, I personally believe in it while at a hotel/motel.  Make sure to use the envelopes that most properties provide, this prevents a mix up of the maids taking any monies off of a table.

Buying a shop vac

This weekend our Las Vegas Housekeeping team needed to buy a new wet/dry vacuum. After staring at the selection and visiting a few stores, we opted for a name brand ten gallon unit with a 5.0 hp motor. Here are a few tips on choosing a model;
1. Most work as vaccums and blowers, what uses do you need it for?
2. The size of the container lets you know how often you will need to empty, remember the larger the container, the heavier it will be wet.
3. Some have wheels, some don’t, we opted for a unit with wheels to make it easier to empty.
4. Look at the attachments that come with it, otherwise you may be purchasing a lot more later.
5. Check for special buys/sales, you may get a lot more for your money that way.

Marble/Travertine Bathroom Cleaning

Our Las Vegas Maid Service always finds that cleaning the Marble or Travertine Tile in the shower/bath area can be the most challenging chore of the day.
1. Never, Never use caustic chemicals such as Bleach or Vinegar on the tile. This can cause blemishes and take off the finish.
2. Hard water stains are hard to get off.
3. Use only chemicals that are meant for these soft, porous stones.
4. We use a stone cleaner and a polisher meant for Marble for these hard to clean areas.
5. It takes some elbow grease, but do not use hard scrubbers such as steel wool or scouring pads as these will score the soft stone finish.

Marble and Travertine Flooring and the cleaning of

When I am at the Meridian Resort Condominiums, the first question asked usually is; How do I get the marble floor clean? We have been mopping it daily and it still is dirty…..
Marble and Travertine are a soft stone which absorbs liquid if not sealed properly.  Our Las Vegas Maid Service reccomends:
1. Do not wet mop your stone flooring
2. Instead use a spray on stone finishing such as **Stone Medic** which is made for soft stone flooring.
3. Use a damp dry mop and rag to remove spills and spots in heavy traffic areas.
4. Using the dry mopping frequently will remove the dust and grime without setting it into the stone flooring.

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