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FREE Golf Tournaments at OB Sports Faciliites!!

As a Las Vegas Realtor and owner of a Las Vegas Maid Service I get to interact and work with a lot of golfers. OB Sports runs several golf courses in town; Alliante(north part of town), Angel Park(Summerlin Area), and Legacy(Henderson/Green Valley). They offer a great deal for both local and out of town frequent visitors for lower price golf, through their annual players card. Unlike some card, this one gives more than lower price tee times. The card also offers a free punch card that has; two free tee times for the cloud 9 course, several putting course sessions, several driving range passes, and four free tournaments per year. The card has cost $99.00 per year, if you buy it early, and now included a free round on your birthday and a free hat, a pretty darn good deal. As a Las Vegas Realtor, I sell golf retreats to clients from all over the world. The OB card also works for them, although it is more expensive for non residents. But what a way to save some money.

Gas Mileage-Why is it the same as in 1976?

As a Las Vegas Realtor, I do a lot of driving. I drive a 2003 Hyundai XG350 which has been a great car. It gets about 30 m.p.g. which is not bad, being a small luxury sedan. I was reading an old magazine from 1976, and there was an ad for the Fiat Strada, which went over 105 m.p.h. and got over 30 m.p.g. It amazes and saddens me, that over 34 years ago the same gas mileage was available. We have the computer and cell phone but the same or similar mileage per gallon? Hard to believe.

No Kitchen=No Financing Available?

I always love it when, as a Las Vegas Real Estate Agent, I come across a home I am showing and it has no kitchen. By this I mean, no cabinets/counter tops/plumbing/or appliances. Basically making the home considered unlivable. Most of these homes are repaired or listed as Cash Only, however once in a while a mistake is made and I show it to a Buyer with financing needed. When dealing with financing, you need an appraisal. With no kitchen, it can be impossible to get the appraisal, and therefore the loan. Buying a home with no kitchen can be profitable if it is below market enough. Some investors look for these homes, as long as after the repair it is still below market for a flip or renal/buy-hold. Our Las Vegas Handyman Service has worked on these homes. With kitchen replacement, patience is necessary!! Delays do happen IE; wrong sink comes in, counter-top is cut incorrectly, cabinet is defective etc.
These homes exist, but make sure you know the costs before purchasing one.

Selling a Home, Sometimes Personalization can be a problem for the sale!

As a Las Vegas Realtor, I show a large amount of homes to buyers. Yesterday, we saw a very nice home that matched the buyers criteria exactly. Unfortunately, the owner had installed a copper colored tile and painted the entire house orange. While it looked professional, the home would required thousands of dollars in renovation to bring to a neutral color. When planning on selling a home, I recommend staying neutral, or even white. Remember, the next owners will want to decorate in their preference. Installing permanent flooring and wall coverings that are costly to replace can have a negative effect on the sale.

When buying a home, check for KITEC PLUMBING!

As a Las Vegas Real Estate Agent, one of the items I look out for is a home that has Kitec Plumbing.
This plumbing is the subject of a class action lawsuit, and can cause leaks in homes. If you search for Kitec, you will be directed to many pages with information on the class action lawsuit.
Yesterday we saw a home with Kitec pluming, unfortunately, there were signs of water damage with visible discolaratin on some interior walls.
This is just another issue that you should bring up with your Realtor when you are viewing homes, and having a home inspection conducted.

Title/Escrow Companies in Las Vegas?

In Las Vegas, we use title companies to manage and close our real estate transactions. As a Las Vegas Realtor, I prefer some over others due to their responsiveness. All do the same job, and most are under the same title umbrella, but some title officers respond more quickly.
In todays market, the seller is generally choosing the title company, this limits the buyers choice, but is normal with Short Sales and Bank Owned Properties. Most fee structures will be similar, the difference being service.
I always advise the client to speak with the Title Officer directly and establish a relationship, so that all questions can be answered timely.

An Interesting Note from a Property Showing Yesterday

Yesterday I was out showing a home for sale to some buyers relocating and we came across an often overlooked inspection item.
This was a beautiful home, in a well kept neighborhood, that the buyers loved. Unfortunately, the home was recessed about 40 ft. lower than the next home, and had a large retaining wall. The wall had visible cracks and blemishes on it, and there were three large palm trees in the upper yard.
The buyers called a friend of theirs who is a structual engineer. The outcome, if the wall failed, other than the damage that could be caused, the repair of the wall would be 30 K+.
My Las Vegas Real Estate Team will be showing new properties to them tomorrow.
Remember to look at the whole house and property before falling in love and making an offer.

Corporate/Vaction Rentals, Should I or Shouldn’t I????

In my career as a Las Vegas Realtor, I have had a lot of experience with Las Vegas Corporate/Vacation Rentals.
The differences are:
1. The corporate rental is fully furnished as a turn key property, just bring your toothbrush.
2. The property must be in an area that is wanted as a corporate rental. In Las Vegas, close to the Strip/Convention Center/Airport and freeways.
3. The property is rented with all utilities/cable/phone/internet and many times maid service.
4. The rates are higher, but the stays are usually shorter.
5. Plan on 60 to 80% occupancy when running your numbers.
6. Corporate rentals are labor intensive, so a local management company is a necessity.
7. You must check the regulations for a community on the minimum rental period before you decide on a corporate rental. Do this before you buy!!!! In Las Vegas, any rental under 30 days is transient and must have room tax….

To set up a property as a corporate rental it must be decorated correctly, check with your manager before you buy your furniture.

Searching for a Condo?

My Las Vegas Real Estate Team was out showing condominiums this morning and the following came up:
1. Before going to look at condos it is best to drive the neighborhoods first. There are dozens of complexes that meet the same criteria, but the most important is the area in which you are buying.
2. Determine what you are using the condo for; unfurnished rental, furnished rental, second home or a primary home. Many complexes have different regulations to follow.
3. Check out what the Homeowners fee is and what it covers. Also, how old is the complex and are there any assessments for repair/maintenance.
4. When purchasing a condo, look at the overall price and what upgrades are needed to create a total sale price. One with stainless and granite at 75K may be a better deal than one at 65K that needs upgrades.
Never rush, remember, the condo is a large investment no matter what.

Golfing Las Vegas!!!!

As a Las Vegas Realtor, many of my clients are golfers like myself. I am fortunate that I get to go out golfing with them, and call it work???? Actually, many clients end up as friends, so there is nothing better than sharing a golf game. Recently, one of my Calgary clients came down and we played; Angel Park-Mountain, Legacy and Alliante. All are part of the OB Sports Program with green fees between $25 and $55 per round. All in all a great time.

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