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Can my home get dirty, even if I am not there and traveling?

Our Las Vegas Maid Services started out servicing the condo-tel, corporate and vacation rental business. We have a lot of experience with homes and condos that are used part time.
Today our Las Vegas Maid Services serviced a golf course front home, where the owners travel often.
When you enter the home, it looks perfectly clean and ready to go. After an hour of mopping and brooming, you find that dust has accumulated everywhere. The dust bunnies under the furniture is amazing!!!  When a home is vacant, you also want to run the water for all sinks, and tubs, and flush the toilets.   In the desert, we have dust as an ongoing issue, that is a constant source of work.  This is why many home inspectors and Las Vegas Handyman, recommend changing your filters monthly instead of quarterly.

And the home looked clean to begin with, all in all it took four maids over two hours for an unused home. No wonder there are so many allergies in Las Vegas.

Clogged Vaccum?

One of the most overlooked items in cleaning is the maintenance of your vacuum. With there being so many inexpensive vacuums on the market today, many of us forget to check the little things and keep our vacuum running well and picking up all of the dust. Our Las Vegas Maid Service recommends servicing your vacuum regularly.
1. Empty the canister or check the bag every time you use your vaccum. This makes sure that the suction is strong.
2. Check the belts, this is the pick up action on your carpet.
3. Check and wash/replace the filters, you want to pick up all the dust.
I just finished unclogging a vacuum, and I know it is not a fun job. The regular maintenance will help and save money in the long run.

Laminite Flooring and the Dust Monster

Does using a swiffer work for laminite flooring. Absolutely, Las Vegas Housekeeping reccommends running a dry swiffer over the floor every few days and a wet one weekly. You willl be amazed at the amount of dust, even if the floor looks clean.

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