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Garage Door Openers…..Programming smart ones?

Oh how I long for the days of the old set the switch garage door openers. As a Las Vegas Realtor and owner of a Las Vegas Maid Service, I have to purchase and program a lot of openers. Many tenants and owners simply throw away or lose the remotes.
This leaves me to buy and program new “universal remotes”. While, the claim is universal remotes work with most door openers, I run into many that don’t work.
Yesterday, I programmed two universal remotes that would not work. For the smart programming;
1. Press the program button on the remote until the light comes on.
2. Press the smart program button on the opener.
3. Press the remote the number of times required ( on the instructions, depending on the brand of opener)
4. You should hear a click and then the door should open.
Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. When they won’t, it is time to call in a handyman.

Can my home get dirty, even if I am not there and traveling?

Our Las Vegas Maid Services started out servicing the condo-tel, corporate and vacation rental business. We have a lot of experience with homes and condos that are used part time.
Today our Las Vegas Maid Services serviced a golf course front home, where the owners travel often.
When you enter the home, it looks perfectly clean and ready to go. After an hour of mopping and brooming, you find that dust has accumulated everywhere. The dust bunnies under the furniture is amazing!!!  When a home is vacant, you also want to run the water for all sinks, and tubs, and flush the toilets.   In the desert, we have dust as an ongoing issue, that is a constant source of work.  This is why many home inspectors and Las Vegas Handyman, recommend changing your filters monthly instead of quarterly.

And the home looked clean to begin with, all in all it took four maids over two hours for an unused home. No wonder there are so many allergies in Las Vegas.

Roof cleaning? Is it necessary?

Most people do not think about cleaning the roof of their home, when they think about using a Las Vegas Maid Service to do a cleaning job.
As we can see from the Metro-dome collapse in Minneapolis, keeping your roof clean can be a bigggggg deal.

In Las Vegas, pigeons, are a big problem with many housing developments. The waste that the birds leave behind is very acidic, and can lead to leaks in your roofing, causing all types of problems later on. As a Las Vegas Realtor, I have personally seen the damage that can be caused by not keeping your roof clean of this mess.  Many times all that will be needed will be to hose down the roof on a regular basis. 

The best way to deal with the pest problem is by using  a pest control company or Las Vegas Handyman Service to put up pigeon spikes/deterrents.  This will prevent the problem from returning.

Lost receipts? Home Depot can help!!!

Recently our Las Vegas Handyman Service had their truck stolen, from in front of his home! Luckily the police found it later that day, but the thieves took the tools and did some damage. Included in the damage, was a clipboard with receipts from a re-hab job we were completing. Our Las Vegas Maid Services and Handyman Services, spend a good amount at Home Depot, so when the credit card statement came in I went to the store to find out if they could help. Each Home Depot store has a bookkeeperfrom 5 am to 1 pm, they can pull up copies of your receipts off of the credit card used. This is a life saver, in the case of our rehab project alone. Next, I am going to check with the other stores we frequent, good to learn something new everyday.  By the way, this is a good reminder to check your insurance policy, as you never know when a thief will strike.

What lurks behind your shower? Story of the shower pictures on the Handyman Page

If you look at our Las Vegas Handyman page, you will see some new pictures of a shower replacement we coordinated. This was at a home I just purchased for an investment property through my Las Vegas Real Estate broker Fortis Residential Realty. The tub was stained and rusted and the tiles showed discoloration. Upon further inspection, the wallboard had rotted out and had mildew. We started tearing out the wall, and found a leak in the plumbing, maybe for years. Brundy, our plumber contractor, replaced the tub, after demolition (see pics) and installed new plumbing, and a shower surround. Scott Apple finished the walls and our Las Vegas Maid Service spent the day cleaning up.
Many times water will get into the tiles and, watch out, it can be ugly!!!As a realtor I always recommend a home inspection, this is just what you are looking out for.  In this purchase we already knew the cost of the repairs, which figured into the purchase decision.  Check with a licensed inspector before your next purchase.

Summer Golf Deals!!!In Las Vegas

When the weather gets hotter in Las Vegas, the golf prices go down. Some examples are:
1. Twighlight at Summelin, 2 p.m. for $25-Highland Falls
2. Angel Park after 4 p.m. for $19, this week they are giving a $10 coupon back for your next round.
3. Black Mountain-$25 all you can play twighlight, restricted days.
4. Arroyo and Siena, $35 after noon. Beautifull courses.

As a Las Vegas Realtor, many of my clients play, and I love to join them for 18.
When the temperature goes up the rates go down.
Just make sure you drink a lot of water…..

No Kitchen=No Financing Available?

I always love it when, as a Las Vegas Real Estate Agent, I come across a home I am showing and it has no kitchen. By this I mean, no cabinets/counter tops/plumbing/or appliances. Basically making the home considered unlivable. Most of these homes are repaired or listed as Cash Only, however once in a while a mistake is made and I show it to a Buyer with financing needed. When dealing with financing, you need an appraisal. With no kitchen, it can be impossible to get the appraisal, and therefore the loan. Buying a home with no kitchen can be profitable if it is below market enough. Some investors look for these homes, as long as after the repair it is still below market for a flip or renal/buy-hold. Our Las Vegas Handyman Service has worked on these homes. With kitchen replacement, patience is necessary!! Delays do happen IE; wrong sink comes in, counter-top is cut incorrectly, cabinet is defective etc.
These homes exist, but make sure you know the costs before purchasing one.

An Interesting Note from a Property Showing Yesterday

Yesterday I was out showing a home for sale to some buyers relocating and we came across an often overlooked inspection item.
This was a beautiful home, in a well kept neighborhood, that the buyers loved. Unfortunately, the home was recessed about 40 ft. lower than the next home, and had a large retaining wall. The wall had visible cracks and blemishes on it, and there were three large palm trees in the upper yard.
The buyers called a friend of theirs who is a structual engineer. The outcome, if the wall failed, other than the damage that could be caused, the repair of the wall would be 30 K+.
My Las Vegas Real Estate Team will be showing new properties to them tomorrow.
Remember to look at the whole house and property before falling in love and making an offer.

Leaky Faucets?

Our Las Vegas Handyman Service recommends repairing leaky faucets at the first sign of trouble. This will save you money on your water bill and the annoyance of the drip….drip….drip….Most can be repaired by a rubber washer, o rings, or seals depending on the faucet. Try your local warehouse store to recommend the correct fitting. When in doubt, call a reliable plumber or handyman.

The Wall Came Tumbling Down

Yesterday we had high winds in Las Vegas. The unsecured wall around the Air Conditioning Equipment at my home fell down. You can imagine how much wind we really had. Our Las Vegas Handyman Service will fix it, but this time we will do it right. For safety and security, use the correct bonding material and support for any structure. Luckily no one was near the wall when it came down, so the only damage was broken cinder blocks. Remember to check your local regulations for permitting!

Las Vegas Handyman Service cleans up big messes

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