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Why you should read your Homeowners Association Documents before you buy!!!!

As a Las Vegas Realtor, I always recommend reading you homeowners association documentation provided to you before you purchase a property.
In Las Vegas, you can cancel your purchase based on your review of the Homeowners documentation, there are date parameters to follow. Many buyers do not read through the documents and find surprises after the close escrow.
One of the first things I look for is the rental restrictions. This is very important if you are buying an investment property and also if you want to know what type of rentals will be in your neighborhood.
Another item to look at is the reserve study, for maintenance ongoing and replacement, and how it is currently funded.
Today, I had a buyer cancel a transaction based on the homeowners association minutes. The association is having a hard time with pest control. They are overrun with Pigeons and other pests.
We discussed this problem and the buyer decided not to go with this property.
OurLas Vegas Maid Services cleans many properties that have pigeon droppings on the balcony, but this complex has gone past just needing a cleaning.
This is one example of a good reason to read those documents….

The consumer electronics show is over!!!

The consumer electronics show was in town last week, from Wednesday through Sunday. This year attendance was up. This is great news for the Las Vegas economy, as the conventions bring in a large amount of business to the town. For our Las Vegas Maid Services and as a Las Vegas Realtor, this also brings in a busy week following. A lot of short term rentals move out, meaning corporate and vacation cleaning, and I get a large number of inquires for sales and rentals for next year.
This year, the CES show was extremely organized. The bus service to the casinos was planned well and the halls were staged with traffic in mind. The only problem I had with the show, was that I did not understand what many of the high tech gadgets were….The 3 D television was great, especially the Sony display, and if you like music, the Dany Gokey concert was a good intermission. Hopefully, the producers of CES get it right again next year.

Tip of the Day!! $1.50 Movies in VEGAS

Yesterday, with the cold weather stopping my golf day, I was reading the paper and looking for something to do, that would not break the bank. In the movie section was an ad for the Tropicana Theatres at Pecos and Tropicana on the Northwest side of  Trop. All movies here are $1.50 each, which means I can treat my Las Vegas Maid Services staff to an evening at the movies, and popcorn with a soda, without taking out a loan.  Dont try to sneak in food/drinks, they do search your bag at the entrance.   We went and saw the Wall Street sequel, gotta love Gordon Gekko. The theatre is comfortable and clean, for a theatre. The picture was large and clear and the sound was OK. As a Las Vegas Realtor, I am constantly asked for things to do and places to visit. This theatre will be on my list!!

What lurks behind your shower? Story of the shower pictures on the Handyman Page

If you look at our Las Vegas Handyman page, you will see some new pictures of a shower replacement we coordinated. This was at a home I just purchased for an investment property through my Las Vegas Real Estate broker Fortis Residential Realty. The tub was stained and rusted and the tiles showed discoloration. Upon further inspection, the wallboard had rotted out and had mildew. We started tearing out the wall, and found a leak in the plumbing, maybe for years. Brundy, our plumber contractor, replaced the tub, after demolition (see pics) and installed new plumbing, and a shower surround. Scott Apple finished the walls and our Las Vegas Maid Service spent the day cleaning up.
Many times water will get into the tiles and, watch out, it can be ugly!!!As a realtor I always recommend a home inspection, this is just what you are looking out for.  In this purchase we already knew the cost of the repairs, which figured into the purchase decision.  Check with a licensed inspector before your next purchase.

Summer Golf Deals!!!In Las Vegas

When the weather gets hotter in Las Vegas, the golf prices go down. Some examples are:
1. Twighlight at Summelin, 2 p.m. for $25-Highland Falls
2. Angel Park after 4 p.m. for $19, this week they are giving a $10 coupon back for your next round.
3. Black Mountain-$25 all you can play twighlight, restricted days.
4. Arroyo and Siena, $35 after noon. Beautifull courses.

As a Las Vegas Realtor, many of my clients play, and I love to join them for 18.
When the temperature goes up the rates go down.
Just make sure you drink a lot of water…..

No Kitchen=No Financing Available?

I always love it when, as a Las Vegas Real Estate Agent, I come across a home I am showing and it has no kitchen. By this I mean, no cabinets/counter tops/plumbing/or appliances. Basically making the home considered unlivable. Most of these homes are repaired or listed as Cash Only, however once in a while a mistake is made and I show it to a Buyer with financing needed. When dealing with financing, you need an appraisal. With no kitchen, it can be impossible to get the appraisal, and therefore the loan. Buying a home with no kitchen can be profitable if it is below market enough. Some investors look for these homes, as long as after the repair it is still below market for a flip or renal/buy-hold. Our Las Vegas Handyman Service has worked on these homes. With kitchen replacement, patience is necessary!! Delays do happen IE; wrong sink comes in, counter-top is cut incorrectly, cabinet is defective etc.
These homes exist, but make sure you know the costs before purchasing one.

Selling a Home, Sometimes Personalization can be a problem for the sale!

As a Las Vegas Realtor, I show a large amount of homes to buyers. Yesterday, we saw a very nice home that matched the buyers criteria exactly. Unfortunately, the owner had installed a copper colored tile and painted the entire house orange. While it looked professional, the home would required thousands of dollars in renovation to bring to a neutral color. When planning on selling a home, I recommend staying neutral, or even white. Remember, the next owners will want to decorate in their preference. Installing permanent flooring and wall coverings that are costly to replace can have a negative effect on the sale.

When buying a home, check for KITEC PLUMBING!

As a Las Vegas Real Estate Agent, one of the items I look out for is a home that has Kitec Plumbing.
This plumbing is the subject of a class action lawsuit, and can cause leaks in homes. If you search for Kitec, you will be directed to many pages with information on the class action lawsuit.
Yesterday we saw a home with Kitec pluming, unfortunately, there were signs of water damage with visible discolaratin on some interior walls.
This is just another issue that you should bring up with your Realtor when you are viewing homes, and having a home inspection conducted.

Municipal Golf Courses-Update

I had one of my Las Vegas Real Estate clients ask me which are the most inexpensive golf courses in Las Vegas.
Las Vegas Golf Club is the oldest in the valley, with tee times (walking, twilight)from $9.00. Pretty flat with lots of trees and fairly well maintained, this course is very often crowded, but fun to play.
Desert Rose is in the east part of the valley and has walking rates from $15. Long narrow fairways, currently in excellent condition and a great pace of play.
Remember, they are munis, and you have golfers of all levels and abilities, so patience is a must.

Househunting overload!

Looking for a new home can be exhausting. As a rule of thumb, my Las Vegas Real Estate Team trys to show four to eight homes as a maximum per day. Recently I had a marathon session of fourteen homes. This usually does not help the buyer, as they all blend together by the end of the day. Try a smaller amount of homes, spread out over a few days, and revisit the ones you really like before making an offer. Remember, never feel pressured to make an offer on a home!

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