Today’s lesson, how to rent your property. As a Las Vegas Realtor and Las Vegas Property Manager, I am often asked, “How do you rent property?”
The fact is, all Realtors have access to the Multiple Listing Service and almost all will put the rental listing on the MLS. This is where a cooperative commission payment comes in. This also advertises your property to every Realtor in Las Vegas and puts the listing on if checked.
I usually find that the following steps help with a rental.
1. Take lots of photos.  Prospective tenants want to see what your property looks like.

2. Have the property professionally cleaned. Our Las Vegas Maid Service, regularly recieved requests for cleaning rental property.  Make sure it is deep cleaned, nobody wants to move into a dirty home….

3. Remove the clutter, this helps it sell. Everyone reacts more positively to a clean uncluttered home.

4. Use the internet; Craigslist and my favorite,  As a propety manager, I have a corporate account with which allows me to list all my properties with priority placement.

5. Be available to show your property and respond quickly to rental inquiries.  If you wait, the tenant will find some other property.

Not everyone needs or wants a property manager, so with some effort you can rent your property too.   Of course if you do want a professional manager,