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Vegas Landscaping and your pool

We are all aware of the diversity of landscaping we have here in Vegas, but do you know how it affects your pool? Most people that have recurring problems with water quality in their pool don’t realize that it may be the landscaping surrounding them.

Desert landscaping is the most popular choice here in Las Vegas, which is low maintenance, but could be creating excessive dust and dirt that eventually makes it’s way into your pool. While decorative rock is virtually no maintenance and would seem like the most appropriate landscape choice for surrounding a pool, there are a few things you need to remember: 

 Make sure your drip irrigation is operating properly. Check for leaks, and fix them immediately. leaking irrigation can create water runoff, which will dirty your pool and throw off the balance of your water. Broken irrigation lines can also create sinkholes in the soil around your pool, which could damage plaster and plumbing over time. Also place drip irrigators as close to the plant as possible. Vegas water is so alkyline it will corrode most decorative rocks rather quickly, which creates more of that dust and dirt we talked talked about earlier.

The second most common type of landscaping surrounding our pools is mature, lush and vibrant landscaping. This too comes with it’s own set of problems for your pool.

Mature trees and shrubs tend to provide a lot of leaf drop that clogs your pools skimmers, vacuums, and plumbing. The species of tree or shrub can also wreak havoc on your pool more than others. For example italian cypress trees are beautiful evergreens that are used to create some privacy by surrounding a wall. The leaves of this tree however are notorious for sneaking through your skimmer filter basket and clogging up your cartridge filter, which in turn puts more stress on your pump. Before you know it trees like the italian cypress and african sumac, along with shrubs like cassia and texas ranger can have a snowball effect on the overall quality of your pool water and your entire system overall. I am not saying you must immediately remove any of these types of mature landscape, in fact with a little effort and knowledge you can enjoy all the elements of your backyard in perfect harmony by practicing different pruning techniques, watering schedules, installing a leaf trap cannister to your automatic vacuum, just to name a few.

In other words, arming yourself with knkowedge of your surroundings can mean the difference between having a pool you are constantly cleaning in a seemingly neverending uphill battle and having the perfect balance in your backyard oasis. Take a stroll through Star nursery and ask some questions, identify your neighbor’s mature landscape that makes it’s way into your yard, implement safeguards in your pool system to avoid costly repairs due to strain and stress from plant debris and most of all ENJOY YOUR POOL and call All Under One Roof Services with any questions about your Las Vegas Pool Services.

An Interesting Note from a Property Showing Yesterday

Yesterday I was out showing a home for sale to some buyers relocating and we came across an often overlooked inspection item.
This was a beautiful home, in a well kept neighborhood, that the buyers loved. Unfortunately, the home was recessed about 40 ft. lower than the next home, and had a large retaining wall. The wall had visible cracks and blemishes on it, and there were three large palm trees in the upper yard.
The buyers called a friend of theirs who is a structual engineer. The outcome, if the wall failed, other than the damage that could be caused, the repair of the wall would be 30 K+.
My Las Vegas Real Estate Team will be showing new properties to them tomorrow.
Remember to look at the whole house and property before falling in love and making an offer.

Pool Pumps and Covers

People often underestimate the positive affects that pool pumps and pool covers can have on their lives. Our Las Vegas Pool Service comes across many pools that have problems that could have been easily solved by ensuring their pool pumps are in good condition, and using a cover whenever possible.

Pumps:  The backbone of a healthy pool, the pump circulates the water according to public health guidelines and ensure the water and it’s chemicals are well filtered.

  • Check your pump has adequate horsepower for the volume of your particular pool
  • Check all plumbing to and from the pump for leaks or cracks
  • Clean the pump’s debris filter and the skimmer’s filter regularly to avoid strain on the pump
  • Listen to your pump, a pump in need of attention will sound different than a pump working properly

Covers can be your best friend here in the Vegas valley.

  • Covers trap heat, your pool won’t turn into a spa by any means, but a cover in the spring will allow you to enjoy your pool earlier in the season
  • Covers help eliminate strain on your pump, by keeping everyday debris out of the system, requiring less maintenance, which also cuts down on power consumption, as pumps need to run less often

There are rebates available from the Southern Nevada Water Authority for pool covers and also from NV Energy for high efficiency pumps. Follow the links to save

  • http://www.snwa.com/html/cons_coupons_pool.html
  • http://www.nvenergy.com/saveenergy/home/rebates/poolpumps.cfm

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