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Fortis Residential Realty

As the year moves on the real estate market keeps changing.  As a Las Vegas Realtor, I monitor the listings that come out on a daily basis.  Lately, more investor flips, have been occurring.  My clients who are looking for their first time home often look at these properties.  An investor buys a property at a below market rate and refurbishes the property, with new flooring/paint/appliances and repairs, and sells the property to make a profit.  These properties often work for a first time homebuyer as they are move in ready, and the investor will work with their loan, whether it be a VA/FHA or conventional.

At Fortis Residential Realty, we are committed to giving each of our clients the individual attention that the require and deserve. As a boutique real estate firm, we work as a dedicated team to research, and meet, your real estate needs in total. Having expertise in sales/rentals/property management and distressed real estate allows us to expertly service all of our current and future clients. 

Title/Escrow companies-Why cant I choose my favorite anymore?

With the advent of the Foreclosure crisis has come some new ways of doing business. As a Las Vegas Realtor, I deal with this daily and my clients are often baffled by the changes and it is an upsetting situation which gives the buyers little control over the transaction. The banks are choosing the title/escrow company and many times requiring a pre approval through their choice of lenders.
While the title/escrow companies are non biased third parties, I can safely say that the level of service has deteriorated. Just getting many title companies to return phone calls is frustrating at best. When you compound this with the inability to receive an answer from a bank on an offer for days/weeks, the buying process for las vegas real estate has become difficult.
Recently another issue has come up in the bank owned properties. The banks are hiring companies to take care of the maintenance, but the vendors often time are not completing the job. I just sold a two bed/two bath/two car garage home which has a log showing cleaning on a regular basis. As an owner of a Las Vegas Maid Service, I can tell you, that this home was filthy. The funniest part was the paper showed that the fan and blinds had been dusted, days before our home inspection, but they had over an inch of dust accumulated.
This is a weird time in Real Estate, so use a professional and be patient to get a great deal.

Smart phones, keeping it clean?

As a Las Vegas Realtor and owner of a Las Vegas Maid Services company, I use a smart phone to keep up with work and scheduling. My current choice is a Droid X, through Verizon Wireless. The reason I went with this phone is the size of the screen. Getting older, my eyesight is not what it used to be……This phone allows me to actually read my email without squinting.
One of the problems that we face with smart phones, is that the screen gets dirty quickly. To clean this I use a microfiber towel, we use them to clean all the time, and I just wipe down the phone screen. So far, I have not used any cleaning chemicals to clean the screen off, the wipe down has done the job fine. If I do get it to the point that a wipe down will not work, I will buy a cleaner designed for the screen, so not to do any damage.
Remember with the smart phones, dont use the email/text in the car, be safe.

The newest golf deal in town!!!

Rhodes Ranch and Tuscany golf courses have lowered their prices and have started a new players club. As a Las Vegas Realtor and owner of a Las Vegas Maid Services company, many of my clients from out of town like to visit golf courses when they are here.
Rhodes ranch has been one of my clients favorites and by joining the players club I can now get the eclub rate for them to play.  This will save them a good amount on the round, and the course is a top one in town.
The players club is $29.00 per month and includes $15 dollar golf in the afternoon, times change with the season, and range privileges one hour prior to playing time. As a bonus, you get two draft beers with your round, and a dozen Taylormade balls.
The value is very good when you consider the condition of the course and the location.

Our cellular phone service adventure!!!

As a Las Vegas Maid Service and a Las Vegas Realtor, we use cell phones a lot. We have been with Verizon for the last four years and had added a Metro PCS line for Property Management.
After a few months with Metro, i found that there service did not meet my needs. The pop up ads on the screen and poor sound quality I experienced was not working. We decided to upgrade our Verizon phones to Droid and move on without the other service.
Setting up service with Metro was easy, cancelling not so! It took me four calls and over one hour to get the correct department on the phone, whom then kept trying to keep me. They could not believe that I did not like my service? Of course as a Las Vegas Realtor my phone was ringing this whole time. Eventually I was able to cancel, thank you for that experience.
The switch to Droid was even more fun….My phone came, it got connected… and proceeded to fail, the screen had a defect. Now the fun began, the Verizon store refused to assist, and so did the first phone contact. Since I bought it over the internet, through Verizon, I had to send it back and then re-order. Finally I got hold of a supervisor, superior/rude attitude, and am now awaiting a replacement.
Moral of my story, check out the return policy before you buy. As a Las Vegas Maid Services company, we need to be in contact with our customers daily, so this phone issue has been big for us. Good luck out there with the phone companies, each and every one!!!

Local Holiday Deals are out in Vegas!!!

As a Las Vegas Realtor, I am often asked about local deals and discounts. During the month of December, the Station Casinos is having a discount deal on their buffets. With your players card, free to obtain, they have slashed the prices from $4.99 to $11.99 for a meal. I went to the Red Rock Casino on Friday night to check out the buffet, and was pleasantly surprised. The food was fresh and the selections were plenty, with a short wait time for seating and a friendly server. This is a marked improvement from my last visit.
They had everything from Prime Rib to Sushi, and cooking stations for the visual experience. At $11.99, I would consider this a bargain.
My only complaint was the cleaning person on the casino floor who was upset when we tried to pass by him. As an owner of a Las Vegas Maid Service, I know the value of being polite and the “customer is always right”. Otherwise the Red Rock was spot on.

Home Inspections-Worth the cost?

As a Las Vegas Realtor, I always recommend having a home inspection on any property that you are in contract to purchase.  The reason being, is that the home inspector is trained to inspect, review, and note all problems and operations of the systems in the property. The home inspector often catches items, that an untrained eye will not see.
I recently had a beautiful home that was in visibly perfect condition. The home had sat vacant for a while, and during that time, pigeons had moved in. They created a nest on the roof and when it rained, the waste caused a leak in the roof. This ran down an inside wall and caused a mold like problem.
Without the home inspection, this would not have come to light. In this case, the buyers decided to cancel and move on to another home, sparing them the trouble of repairs and further monitoring of the issue.
I look at a home inspection as an inurance policy. The cost is usually around $200-$300 per inspection, but it can save you a lot of money in the end. You may find that all you need is a good cleaning from a Las Vegas Maid Service, or a Handyman. But it is the large problems that really pay off from the inspection.

FREE Golf Tournaments at OB Sports Faciliites!!

As a Las Vegas Realtor and owner of a Las Vegas Maid Service I get to interact and work with a lot of golfers. OB Sports runs several golf courses in town; Alliante(north part of town), Angel Park(Summerlin Area), and Legacy(Henderson/Green Valley). They offer a great deal for both local and out of town frequent visitors for lower price golf, through their annual players card. Unlike some card, this one gives more than lower price tee times. The card also offers a free punch card that has; two free tee times for the cloud 9 course, several putting course sessions, several driving range passes, and four free tournaments per year. The card has cost $99.00 per year, if you buy it early, and now included a free round on your birthday and a free hat, a pretty darn good deal. As a Las Vegas Realtor, I sell golf retreats to clients from all over the world. The OB card also works for them, although it is more expensive for non residents. But what a way to save some money.

Free Stuff to do in Vegas-Festival of Lights

As a Las Vegas Realtor and owner of Las Vegas Maid Services I am always asked by visitors if there is anything special to do when finished with the casinos. Every year at this time, the Ethel M chocolate factory, sets up their cactus garden with holiday lights. On Friday and Saturday evening they also have a Santa in the garden. The view of the lights is worth the trip and the entrance is free!!! Make sure you dress warm, as the nights can be very chilly.   They have a store on site where you can also get hot coffee, and of course chocolates. Plan on spending 15 minutes to an hour walking the garden at your own pace. The garden is located off of Sunset in Henderson and is about a 15 minute drive from the Strip and is easy to find with plenty of parking.  Don’t forget you strollers, for the family types.

Tip of the Day!! $1.50 Movies in VEGAS

Yesterday, with the cold weather stopping my golf day, I was reading the paper and looking for something to do, that would not break the bank. In the movie section was an ad for the Tropicana Theatres at Pecos and Tropicana on the Northwest side of  Trop. All movies here are $1.50 each, which means I can treat my Las Vegas Maid Services staff to an evening at the movies, and popcorn with a soda, without taking out a loan.  Dont try to sneak in food/drinks, they do search your bag at the entrance.   We went and saw the Wall Street sequel, gotta love Gordon Gekko. The theatre is comfortable and clean, for a theatre. The picture was large and clear and the sound was OK. As a Las Vegas Realtor, I am constantly asked for things to do and places to visit. This theatre will be on my list!!

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