As a Las Vegas Realtor and owner of a Las Vegas Maid Services company, I use a smart phone to keep up with work and scheduling. My current choice is a Droid X, through Verizon Wireless. The reason I went with this phone is the size of the screen. Getting older, my eyesight is not what it used to be……This phone allows me to actually read my email without squinting.
One of the problems that we face with smart phones, is that the screen gets dirty quickly. To clean this I use a microfiber towel, we use them to clean all the time, and I just wipe down the phone screen. So far, I have not used any cleaning chemicals to clean the screen off, the wipe down has done the job fine. If I do get it to the point that a wipe down will not work, I will buy a cleaner designed for the screen, so not to do any damage.
Remember with the smart phones, dont use the email/text in the car, be safe.