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Pre cleaning for the annual Thanksgiving Dinner Disaster

If yours is like my household, the annual meal with family always sounds like a better plan than it turns out to be. We try to prepare by having our Las Vegas Maid Services provide a little pre- cleaning.
One of my least favorite things is going through the cabinets in the kitchen getting rid of the items we have not used, and will not use. This includes the forty boxes of assorted teas, the canned foods from 1985 and other “food museum” pieces. By doing this now, you narrow down your shopping list-no more Yams needed, we still have five cans, and save on the shopping bill.
If you are truly prepared, now is the time to set up your cooking/serving/storage utensils so you have more time with the relatives and less time in the kitchen.  Try and start the day with no dirty dishes and clean, run a dishwasher load after the turkey goes in, while cooking.

If all else fails, call in your favorite Las Vegas Maid Service, the next day.  And enjoy!!!

Clogged Vaccum?

One of the most overlooked items in cleaning is the maintenance of your vacuum. With there being so many inexpensive vacuums on the market today, many of us forget to check the little things and keep our vacuum running well and picking up all of the dust. Our Las Vegas Maid Service recommends servicing your vacuum regularly.
1. Empty the canister or check the bag every time you use your vaccum. This makes sure that the suction is strong.
2. Check the belts, this is the pick up action on your carpet.
3. Check and wash/replace the filters, you want to pick up all the dust.
I just finished unclogging a vacuum, and I know it is not a fun job. The regular maintenance will help and save money in the long run.

The Tomato Soup Disaster

Have you ever forgot about the soup that you put on the stove to heat up. Yesterday I did, and the entire pot boiled over slowly!!!What a mess. Here is what to do in the situation from our Las Vegas Housekeepers:

1. Wait for the stove to cool down, my hand stil hurts.
2. Take out the pan and burner covers into the sink or dishwasher.
3. Open the top of the range and see the unbelievable mess. I used a full roll of paper towels, a sponge works well also.
4. Let dry and use a housecleaner to give the last wipe. Our Las Vegas Maids use green products, such as Melaluca, but any standard cleaner will work.
5. Make a new lunch, Enjoy.

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