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Clogged Vaccum?

One of the most overlooked items in cleaning is the maintenance of your vacuum. With there being so many inexpensive vacuums on the market today, many of us forget to check the little things and keep our vacuum running well and picking up all of the dust. Our Las Vegas Maid Service recommends servicing your vacuum regularly.
1. Empty the canister or check the bag every time you use your vaccum. This makes sure that the suction is strong.
2. Check the belts, this is the pick up action on your carpet.
3. Check and wash/replace the filters, you want to pick up all the dust.
I just finished unclogging a vacuum, and I know it is not a fun job. The regular maintenance will help and save money in the long run.

Marble/Travertine Bathroom Cleaning

Our Las Vegas Maid Service always finds that cleaning the Marble or Travertine Tile in the shower/bath area can be the most challenging chore of the day.
1. Never, Never use caustic chemicals such as Bleach or Vinegar on the tile. This can cause blemishes and take off the finish.
2. Hard water stains are hard to get off.
3. Use only chemicals that are meant for these soft, porous stones.
4. We use a stone cleaner and a polisher meant for Marble for these hard to clean areas.
5. It takes some elbow grease, but do not use hard scrubbers such as steel wool or scouring pads as these will score the soft stone finish.

Marble and Travertine Flooring and the cleaning of

When I am at the Meridian Resort Condominiums, the first question asked usually is; How do I get the marble floor clean? We have been mopping it daily and it still is dirty…..
Marble and Travertine are a soft stone which absorbs liquid if not sealed properly.  Our Las Vegas Maid Service reccomends:
1. Do not wet mop your stone flooring
2. Instead use a spray on stone finishing such as **Stone Medic** which is made for soft stone flooring.
3. Use a damp dry mop and rag to remove spills and spots in heavy traffic areas.
4. Using the dry mopping frequently will remove the dust and grime without setting it into the stone flooring.

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